Accredited microbiology testing in Bournemouth

At Microtech Services (Wessex) Ltd, we offer accredited testing to ensure safety in food, water, cosmetics and other related products.
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Range of services

At Microtech Services, we specialise in the accredited microbiological examination of food, dairy products, water and cosmetics for a wide range of pathogenic, toxigenic, spoilage, probiotic and indicator organisms. We also undertake many other tests including challenge testing of cosmetics, shelf life testing of food and phage testing for the dairy industry. In addition to testing facilities the company provides the interpretation of all results, can assist in research and development and can also give advice on shelf life ascertainment, hazard analysis critical control point procedures (HACCP) and risk assessments.

The managing director

The managing director of the laboratory is qualified to act as a Food Examiner under the Food Safety Act 1990. She has over 20 years of experience as a UKAS technical assessor for laboratory accreditation, a Fellow of the Society of Biology and of the Institute of Food Science and Technology. She is chairman of the British Standards Committee AW/9 responsible for microbiological examination methods for food and dairy products, animal feeds and environmental samples, and represents the UK at ISO and CEN meetings on these topics. She is also a member of the BSI Committee CW/217 on Cosmetics and various ISO/CEN working groups as a member and/or convenor. She acts as expert witness in court cases, has written many original papers and book chapters and is a co-editor of a book entitled Practical Food Microbiology.

A high standard of service

Our company subscribes to the concept of total quality management and aims to provide a cost-effective, prompt and efficient service of the highest possible standard, tailored to the specific requirements of each individual client. The laboratory is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 (No. 1899) for a wide range of accredited microbiological examinations and thus meets the principles of ISO 9001. A fully documented quality assurance programme is in place to ensure complete traceability. The laboratory also takes part in external quality control schemes organized by the UK Health Security Agency.

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